Greek Alphabet Is Fun!


"Theta" looks like an "o" with a line through it and is pronounced "Th," making it one of the unusual letters.


The letter that looks like the English letter "i" is "iota," which gave us the phrase "I don't give one iota," referring to something very tiny. Like eta, iota is also pronounced as "i."


"Nu" is "n" but watch out for its lower-case form, which looks like a "v" and resembles another letter, the upsilon.

Interesting Facts About the Greek Language

The Longest Word

The longest word in Greek is the name of a fictional dish. The word was created by Aristophanes in one of his comedies.


The Greek diaspora, which can be found in Western Europe, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia, Brazil and other countries, is also using Greek on a daily basis.


Greek has significantly influenced Western culture, including literature and languages.

The Fascinating Word of Greek Grammar

Possessive Adjectives
A feature of the Modern Greek noun phrase that often seems strange to learners of the language is the “inversion” of the possessive adjective with respect to the noun.
Personal Pronouns
In English, we say: “she gave me the book”. In Modern Greek, it is “μου έδωσε το βιβλίο”. μου (= to me) goes before the verb.
Word Order
In Ancient Greek, the pattern SOV was more common than SVO. In Modern Greek, an affirmative sentence follows the SVO pattern (Subject, Verb, Object). Interrogative and negative sentences may appear under different patterns (VOS, VSO, etc.).


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